Restoring | Newport Beach, California

There can be instances where it is difficult to quantify personal goals and needs when you are in the midst of the "every day" life circuit. The majority of life is lived on a level of normalcy but lately I have been in a whirlwind of change. I was able to step away from it all since Thursday and have a jolt in environment in California while spending time with my friend Kyle.

Friday I explored the beach and area near his house while he was at work, then yesterday we went to LA and visited The Getty Center. It was inspiring to see some of the paintings I had studied in college in real life, especially the Impressionist collection they had (Monet's study of haystacks always intrigued me and I got to see one of the most vivid paintings he did of them!). 

In the evening we came back and went to the beach for sunset. I brought my camera down to the beach and a rented lens I am playing with that was recommended to me by the photographer I will be working for this fall. It was amazing to be able to capture the organic ebb and flow of the water and focus on the waves. Enjoying how the waves only crash the same way once put a smile on my face. The ocean, like snow, reminds me how glorious the earth is. The evening started off overcast and then by the time we were heading back for the evening the clouds opened up for some magnificent images.

We are off to the Pageant of the Masters tonight in Laguna Beach and I am so excited for the experience. Below are a few pictures of my weekend thus far.

Haystacks in Winter  |  Claude Monet

Haystacks in Winter  |  Claude Monet

View from The Getty Center of LA

View from The Getty Center of LA