Wayne & Miriam | July Bliss | Hanover, PA

My dear friend Miriam got married earlier this summer and what a special day it was! Miriam was one of the first friends I made when I moved to York and little did I know just how special she would become to me. Our minds work similarly, we are both graphic designers, we process life at pretty much the same pace, and well when you meet someone like that, you are bound to be good friends. Miriam was even the first friend I introduced Mike to when we first started dating and funny enough it just so happened I was able to meet Wayne pretty soon after they starting dating. Our lives have just been intertwined in fun and noteworthy ways.

When she asked if I would take some photos at their wedding I was delighted to. They didn't have a photographer for "getting ready" photos so I volunteered and also took some quick portraits of Miriam right before the wedding and of course some of the details. Beyond that I enjoyed the day and let the other photographer do her job. It was a joy watching Miriam marry the love of her life... and boy was there love in the air. :) 

I am so happy for you both!