Girl Carnivore | Blogger | Branding Project

A couple of years ago I met Kita Roberts at a photography workshop. We kept in touch and have followed each other's work since then. Last spring Kita approached me on being the designer to help her re-brand her fantastically magical and amazing blog, Girl Carnivore. If you have any fancy towards meat and incredible recipes, YOU MUST visit her blog!

Kita is inspiring to be around. She is the perfect blend of sassy, kind and funny. Any time we have spent together it has been full of laughs and fun. Kita wears many hats and balances them all with dedication and hard work. 

It was a pleasure to work with her and help the vision she had for Girl Carnivore come to life! The "Girl Carnivore" on this project is custom hand lettering I did just for Kita and I couldn't have completed this project without the assistance of Jesus Rosario. Below is the style sheet for her project.