Behind the Bash | Historic Shady Lane | Manchester, PA

This past weekend I attended a wedding show as a vendor. If an 18-year-old Chelsea were to be casually talking one day to the current 28-year-old Chelsea and said, "This year in your life you will be a vendor at a wedding show," the 18-year-old version of myself would have nervously giggled, turned and quickly run away. 

That is an extremely accurate portrayal BUT I am growing, I am digging deep, I am working to refine who I am as an individual and an entrepreneur. I believe in designing for good, designing affordably, and knocking people's socks off with incredible designs in the mean time. 

You see, as a graphic designer, I initially thought it would be perfect for me to "sit behind a desk and design pretty things" all day. Alone. In an office. And did I mention, with no one around. Yet the rewards of that environment were limiting and I found I wasn't really fulfilled as a designer and a human. So I pushed myself...

This weekend at Behind the Bash, I took my natural introvert hat off, and with the support of so many people who love me, I went for it. I talked with parent's of couples, brides, grooms, partners, other entrepreneurs, wedding gown models, and so many more. Each with their own unique story, how they met their partner, what they want their wedding to be like, the day they are getting married, and so on. It was fulfilling. 

I found the mints and chocolates at my booth made people feel welcome. (I strongly believe that food unites people. I'm Italian, what can I say. :-D) My mom came as a volunteer in advocating for my business and where I fell short, she was there to help me through. She kept making me laugh in between conversations and picked up where I sometimes drew a blank or had to speak to more than one couple at a time.

I am proud to have been asked to place menus and table numbers on the Foster's Flower Shop inspiration tables. Shout out to Marcy Almoney for helping me get my name out there a little bit more. She is an inspiring small business owner and a great human being. :) 

Below are a few pictures from the event and of my designs: