In light of the 4th of July being tomorrow, I want to encourage you to go out and do. We live in an incredible country with so much to see. I have been fortunate enough to experience some of it (I will get all 50 states under my belt some day!).

Most recently I went on an adventure west of the Mississippi. I went for lots of reasons. For some skeptics out there here are the top four reasons I went.

1. To celebrate my best friend, Kyle, graduating from law school.

2. To celebrate my 25th year of life.

3. To continue in the tradition of honoring my free spirit and sense of adventure.

4. To rejuvenate, to be quiet, to spend time in the majesty of God's creation.

Added bonus, I was able to spend the first week completely alone with my Moma and the second week my Daddy joined us. It was the best two weeks I have ever spent with my parents. They become cooler and cooler the older I get.

So blah, blah, blah... I won't get overly sentimental on you. This post is really for you to find out about an AWESOME website that anyone with a sense of adventure should be using. It is called

This is a road trip site like no other, from finding "Off the Beaten Path" adventures to "Tourist Attractions," Roadtrippers has it.

I want to encourage you. Get out there and do. Life won't happen to you. You have to go and seek it out. Below is a picture of my trip in May planned out on It is a great interface and you can find adventures near your home or far away. Just find it and go do it!

Happy 4th of July and happy adventuring!