Sunday Night Blues

Pisa Botanical Garden - May 2012 - CGFH

As Sunday afternoon quickly tuns into Sunday evening, there it is. It stares you in the face. The reality of Monday.

Is it work? Or school? Or the fact you are repeating a cycle you have started so many times before?

What is it that makes Sunday evenings so blue?

Most of the time as a child and teen, Mondays can sometimes be a drag, but nothing like it is now as an adult. Maybe it is because there are awkward situations at your place of employment... Maybe it is the way your boss condescendingly asks, "What did you do this weekend?"... Maybe you don't feel intellectually challenged at work...

What do we do? How do we shake the unshakable cyclic battle of Sunday evening blues, and Monday commute day dreams... Or maybe even Monday commute tears...

I think I was given a hint a long time ago. I was at an All-County Choir practice (yes, I used to sing, out loud, in front of people...) and our guest choir director in a quick moment in between practicing songs said something to this effect...

"I have never gone to work a day in my life. I was fortunate enough to find and do what I am extremely passionate about."

For him, it was music. For me, it is design.

I have not yet had the opportunity for a job that was just design, day in and day out, but I am a dreamer.  Someday I won't go to work on Mondays and I won't get the Sunday evening blues.

If you had the opportunity, to never work a day in your life, because you were fulfilling the gift you have been given, the specialty niche you have found, the thing that makes you tick, what would it be?