Sweet Treats

If I were to label myself as anything it would be experimental. Between design, crafts, jewelry, cooking, baking, you name it, I like to experiment.

After making jewelry for a few years, my sister, Tiffani, encouraged me to do something with it. There was an opportunity for me to sell my jewelry at a small venue in my home town BUT there was no way I was going alone. If Tiffani didn't come, I was not going. As much as I am experimental, interacting with strangers is ridiculously nerve wracking for me.

Without Tiffani our small business would have never happened.

She is the brain, social media guru, and the witty, kind conversationalist at shows. I am the creative. Together, if I do say so myself, we make quite the pair.

Before our first show, we launched our Etsy page and have been creating jewelry ever since!

Now after an exciting and successful three quarters, I am going to bring you along in our findings, happenings, and every day crazy adventures.

To visit our shop, check it out here! 



Below are a few pictures of our latest Sweet Key adventures! :)