Hierarchy in an invitation... Yes, it exists

I hope you had a restful weekend and are ready for a new week. For the most part mine consisted of reading and trying to get over a summer cold (ewww colds in summer are weird). 

So anyways, I am in the middle of a design project for a good friend and even though I can't show you her invitation yet (it is for her wedding), I thought I would just share a few general ideas on invites.

When designing an invitation it is important to consider what is vital and what isn't. Try to veer away from being too wordy, and don't send out over designed invitations. Your eyes shouldn't cross because of the pattern in the background.  So here is what is important to convey.

1. Why the invitation is being sent (i.e., birthday, wedding, baby shower)

2. Who the invitation is being sent for

3. What day, time and place the party is occurring

4. RSVP information

All of those numbers shift down one if the party is a


. It shouldn't be a tiny after thought in the corner of the invitation. I have almost spilled the beans about a party because it wasn't prevalent on the invite. 

Here are a few invitations I whipped up as an example. I am not claiming these are perfect but you will get the gist of who it is for, what the theme is without going overboard and what you need to know for the party.