How To: Make a Sliding Knot

Every few weeks, one of my goals is to write a "How To" post.

A lot of the jewelry I have made is the result of experimentation. One of the first knots I experimented with was the sliding knot. The knot functions well with materials like cotton cord or leather. Listed below are a few pictures and a "How To" look to make your own adjustable bracelet.

  • To start off, you have to have two end points of your project. (Pic. 1) 
  • With one of the end points, make a single over hand knot but don't tighten it. Keep it loose. (Pic 2 & 3)
  • Next, take the opposing side and place the end through the opening of the loose knot you just made (Pic 4). 
  • With the end you pulled through your first knot, make the same single over hand knot but include the bracelet side into the knot (Pic 5 & 6)
  • From there, you can tighten up your knots (Pic 7).

When tightening the knots make sure the remaining leather on the ends of the knots are the same length (or at least as close as possible) See the pictures below.

Here is the finished product. :) Have fun crafting!