Interacting with the strange or should I say strangers

As Tiffani and I venture to different craft shows we usually like to "try out" new things to get people curious about Sweet Key. This show we spiced up our sign. 

Usually the chalk board just says "Sweet Key". 

This time Tiffani had the idea to make it a bit more interactive. You can read it below.

We had


of fun with this. People asked us what Sweet Key was upon entering our stand or they saw the large key on the display and made fun comments like,"Where is the lock to that key?" or "So what's this Sweet Key all about?" 

As entrepreneurs, it is exactly what we like! 

Even if people read it out loud and walked away, we at least engaged them in a small way to experience Sweet Key.

Oh, and just so you know - these two bracelets are now apart of the Sweet Key family. 

They will be posted on Etsy this coming week!