The Road to Charlotte is Beautiful

The road to Charlotte is beautiful... even if it meant at the end of the road I was dropping my best friend off at her new home. BUT... in good fashion, like we usually do when we have to say goodbye, we had as much fun and worked as much as possible.

Here are a few of the fun stops we made on our trek from York to Charlotte. We found these stops once again to my favorite travel site,



Giant Coke Bottle - Somewhere in Maryland 

Foamhenge - Natural Bridge, VA

 ^ There is Tiffani entertaining me with her theatrical stances! 

Pop's Soda Shop - Roanoke, VA

^ The food here was delicious! I had an amazing black bean spread sandwich with peppers, onions and pepperjack cheese. Of course, the best part was the smiley face french fry AND the Apple Pie ice cream. So, so good. :)

So if you haven't yet - check out

when planning your next drive. The places are totally worth exploring and the best part is they are yours for the discovering.