Someone's old is my new!

A friend of mine gave me an old sign of hers and when I tried to get the chalk off I realized it just was never going to happen so I improvised! You can do this with any picture frame or sign that has a removable piece and a cardboard back!  

You will need:

An old picture/frame

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Cloth (I used canvas)

A fun decorative piece of paper (I used a scrapbook piece)



Thumb tacks

1. Trace and then cut your material out around the center of the piece you are covering.  Leave about an inch and a half of material for when you glue it down

2.  Fold and hot glue the edges of your material down to the back of the piece you are covering. Make sure to keep your material at tight as possible.

3. Hot glue where the inside piece and the frame will meet.

4. Place the covered center into the frame.

5. Get your fun piece of paper and write a message on it! :)

6. Thumb tack you message into the center of the frame!

 7. Enjoy! 

PS This is our foyer... It is a long way from done as is everything in our apartment but I will get there one project at a time! :)