CAPTURE 365: The Give/Take Project

The idea of "officially" launching a photography business made me nervous. I haven't been able to figure out exactly what it was until now.

This morning at church, it hit me.  This is what I typed as quickly as I could in my iPad:

"To take pictures and have people give what they can...

No pricing, just capturing peoples lives and events, and they give what they can because God has given me the gift of my camera and my skill.

Let go of making more money for a "comfortable lifestyle"...

And take pictures for a gracious God who has given me so much (that) I want to give in return."

So that is what I am going to do. 

For the next year, from today June 8th, 2014 until June 8th, 2015 I am going to book photography sessions for any monetary or gift amount. Whatever you can give will be payment enough. This includes senior portraits, weddings, Christmas parties, fur baby sessions, you name it and whatever you as a family, couple, single mom, etc can give in return, it will be enough. You can even give cookies if you like.  

Some business people out there may think I am crazy, but truth be told, this project is for others.

So if you know someone who hasn't been able to afford family photos or a couple who has been struggling to find a wedding photographer who fits their budget, would you share this post with them? 

To take a peek at my work, visit

My desire is to capture people over the next 365 days and give them photos that express a piece of their lives.