CAPTURE 365: The Give/Take Project

The idea of "officially" launching a photography business made me nervous. I haven't been able to figure out exactly what it was until now.

This morning at church, it hit me.  This is what I typed as quickly as I could in my iPad:

"To take pictures and have people give what they can...

No pricing, just capturing peoples lives and events, and they give what they can because God has given me the gift of my camera and my skill.

Let go of making more money for a "comfortable lifestyle"...

And take pictures for a gracious God who has given me so much (that) I want to give in return."

So that is what I am going to do. 

For the next year, from today June 8th, 2014 until June 8th, 2015 I am going to book photography sessions for any monetary or gift amount. Whatever you can give will be payment enough. This includes senior portraits, weddings, Christmas parties, fur baby sessions, you name it and whatever you as a family, couple, single mom, etc can give in return, it will be enough. You can even give cookies if you like.  

Some business people out there may think I am crazy, but truth be told, this project is for others.

So if you know someone who hasn't been able to afford family photos or a couple who has been struggling to find a wedding photographer who fits their budget, would you share this post with them? 

To take a peek at my work, visit www.chelseafosterhilt.com.

My desire is to capture people over the next 365 days and give them photos that express a piece of their lives.

Who is your Buddy?

You know there is something unexplainable about our pets. It doesn't matter if you love kitties, puppies, horses or hamsters; they fill homes with a furry and unconditional sense of love. It is probably why my dad named their cat Buddy - because he is just that, my mom and dad's buddy (and don't let my dad fool you, he loves his Buddy).

After realizing how much we love our pets I decided to branch outside of just photographing humans and will also be offering "fur baby" sessions. Now my mom laughed when she heard the term "fur baby" but after explaining the meaning, she was the first to sign up for a fur baby session.

Truth be told, fur babies are a part of our family and they belong in our photo history as well. Please enjoy a look at one of my first fur baby sessions, introducing the soft and fluffy Buddy the cat.

Feel free to contact me if you want your own fur baby photos. :)

A Love Affair: The Workshop with Lauren Fair Photography

Over the weekend I invested some time into going to a photography workshop. The workshop was hosted by

Lauren Fair Photography

, a husband and wife team out of Philadelphia. I have admired Lauren and Tim's work since they shot my good friends engagement session and wedding. When I saw that they were hosting a workshop I knew it was going to be a valuable investment into my (hopeful) photography career.

My photography career is young, BUT I am determined to continue to grow and pursue something I feel strongly is a great expression of human kind.

With that being said, below are a few shots from the styled shoot. 

Let me know what you think! I would love any and all feedback. 

Feel free to DM me if you just might be interested in having some photos taken too. :)

Thank you to Lauren and Tim and all the sponsors who assisted with the shoot: 

Maggpie Vintage Rentals, Oleander Florals & Design, Sandpiper & Co., BHLDN, True Beauty Marks