For Chelsea there is a rhythm in design, an ebb and flow of exploring new ideas and refining them until they are polished and poignant for each client.

  1. When starting a gig with Chelsea you can expect to meet with her, have her ask lots of questions pertaining to your wants and needs, and then ask a few more question.

  2. Next, Chelsea takes the project into the real world and into her studio. She will research the industry your project falls within and then take her findings and start applying the research combine with her ideas into the designs. From there she develops presentations for the client to view.

  3. After the presentations are delivered, the client and Chelsea will work through the revisions process if necessary.

  4. Once perfected, Chelsea delivers the final files to the printer of your choice or right to you!


Chelsea has been in the graphic design world professionally since 2009. She was hired immediately out of college into the newspaper industry. After that she was the Communication Director at a non-profit, until decided in October of 2014 to launch her own small business. 

Today, Chelsea works with clients all across the world in various capacities. From branding to marketing materials and anything in between, Chelsea probably has an example in her portfolio to show you!

Branding Packages start at $725.

Some of Chelsea's Branding Clients



Let's work together!

No need to be afraid, even if you aren't 100% certain of what you are looking for. I can help you navigate the uncertain waters of branding, best practices for social media accounts and more!