Drift Branding

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Mandy, the owner of Drift, is an amazing human. She is creative, genuine, kind, helpful and is so talented. As a jeweler her vision and designs are incredible. I’m personally saving up for a Venus ring! I can’t WAIT to have it on my hand. Here is a quote from her Instagram page when she launched DRIFT:

“My new jewelry company drift (more specifically @weardrift because drifting cars is a thing and using just @drift was impossible🙈). …creating jewelry was a hobby for me and I never felt like the designs were what I wanted them to be. After taking a couple classes I found the technique I was meant to do in Lost Wax Casting. But more on that later! Feel free to head to my website and give me your email so we can be pen pals and I can let you know when the collection goes live! I love you all, thank you for being here and waiting for me to get my shit together. This is going to be worth the wait I promise! 💙🖤 Mandy”

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