Kermit and Trinity Branding

Kermit & Trinity are adventurers that left their jobs and sold almost all their possessions to hit the open road in a 35ft Toy Hauler RV.  

They want to live simply and experience life as much as they can so when it came to their branding I knew it had to be clean but textured to express both adventure and a sense of simplicity. The drawing of the pines in the logo was inspired by a piece of artwork they used to have in their home and a tattoo Kermit has on his back. 

Check out their website www.kermitandtrinity.com for their latest adventures.

Kermit and Trinity’s materials had to reflect the beautiful outdoors. Additionally, Trinity is a professional photographer so it wasn't a difficult thing to show off her incredible landscape photos. You can find more of her work at www.trinitywalkerkeefer.com